Thursday, April 19, 2018

Nevada: Judge rules recall effort against two State Senators failed

District Court Judge Jerry Wiese ruled that the recalls against Senators Joyce Woodhouse (D) and Nicole Cannizzaro (D) failed, though the judge was frustrated by the failure of the election commission to give clear numbers of how many valid signatures were turned in. Petitioners can still appeal.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Michigan: Macomb Township Trustee facing recall effort

Trustee Dino Bucci (R) is facing a recall effort after he was following his indictment for bribery, extortion, money laundering and fraud as part of a probe over a garbage company. He also allegedly took a $66,000 cash kickback.

Two Republican representative are called for the governor to remove him. 6,846 signatures are needed to get the recall on the ballot.

Michigan: Recall effort against Coloma Township Supervisor and Treasurer rejected

The recall of Supervisor Ken Parrigin and Treasurer James Fulton was rejected on clarity grounds. The issue was a liability for the township.

Colorado: La Plata Commissioner recall falls short by 2000 signatures; Petitioners have 15 days to add

The recall against Commissioner Gwen Lachelt (D) failed, as petitioners handed in 6485 signatures, with 5475 found valid (15% ejection rate). Petitioners needed 7505. Petitioners now have 15 days to try and meet that total -- though Lachelt says she will sue over that interpretation.

The issue is Lachelt's environmental policy.

Oregon: Petitions handed in against four Port of Brookings Harbor Board Commissioners

More than 1000 signatures were handed in against Commissioners Angi Christian, Andy Martin, Roger Thompson and Jan Barbas each. The issue was the firing of the Port Manager. Petitioners need 856 valids.

California: Overview of the Calaveras County recall


Maryland: Bowie Councilmember facing recall effort

Council member Courtney Glass is facing a recall effort, with petitioners needing 2800 signatures in 30 days. Last year, Council member Diane Polangin was removed and then ran and lost in the replacement race. The elections were estimated to cost about $30,000.

The issue is votes in favor of development and an apartment complex (as well as poor attendance at a council meeting).

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Idaho: Albion Mayor facing petitions -- petition fails

Mayor Sharon Hardy-Mills Wilmot is facing a petition over claims that she "lacks knowledge to 'adequately' and 'fairly' run the city. The petition only had 13 signatures and needed 20.

California:Third Fresno Central Unifed School Board member facing recall effort

School Board member Terry Cox is now facing a recall effort led by his failed opponent in the 2016 election, Richard Martinez. Martinez is the husband of the president of the teachers union.

The Cox recall effort is taking place at the same time as an effort to remove Phillip Cervantes and Richard Solis over the firing of a superintendent. Cox voted to keep the superintendent. Petitioners need about 3000 signatures to get on the ballot.

Nevada: Recheck of State Senate recall petitions still fails to hit requirement

Following a recheck of signatures, petitioners were still found to have missed the numbers needed to get the recalls of Senators Joyce Woodhouse and Nicole Cannizzaro on the ballot. The Woodhouse recall missed by 21, and Cannizzaro by about 500. Prior to the recheck, the signature total discrepancy was 196 for Woodhouse.

An appellate court is still expected to decide whether signatures can be removed by the signer after the fact. If the court upholds the lower court ruling that they can be, then the petitions will have missed by a lot more.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Florida: Madeira Beach recall dead

Following the judicial ruling that stopped the recall of Commissioners John Douthirt and Nancy Oakley, the committee declared that they will not be appealing the ruling further. Douthirt and Oakley are being paid back $13000 in legal fees.

California: Third Calaveras Supervisor petitions approved

The recall effort against Supervisor Gary Tofanelli has been approved, with petitioners needing 1396 signatures to get on the ballot. Proponents claim the issue is a lack of leadership, with one claim that Tofanelli jumped the line to take the Chairman position before another supervisor.

There are already petitions against Supervisor Jack Garamendi (1319 signatures needed) and Supervisor Dennis Mills (1555 signatures needed), both over cannabis issues.

Texas: Kennedale councilmembers facing May 5 recall vote

Councilmembers Sandra Lee and Jan Joplin are facing a May 5 recall vote -- both were elected last May. Joplin is also running against the Mayor Brian Johnson.

The recall is over complaints of violating the city charter by working around the city manager, removing non-supporters from advisory boards and threatening city workers. Joplin and Lee argue that the recall over their concerns about city spending and co-mingling of funds.

California: Live Oak Mayor facing recall effort over water and sewer rate increases

Mayor Aleksandar Tica is facing a recall effort over proposed water and sewer rate increases. Tica was elected in January.

Nevada: Recall proponents ask for recheck of 389 signatures

The Republican backers of the recall effort against Nevada State Senators Nicole Cannizzaro (D) and Joyce Woodhouse (D) have asked for a recheck of 389 signatures. Petitioners actually need over many more signatures approved to remove Woodhouse (1600) and Cannizzaro (1900), but this is likely a test to see if it is worth asking for a recheck on the rest.

Maine: Signatures verified against three Scarborough School Board members

The clerk has stated that enough signatures have been handed in against board members Donna Beeley, Jodi Shea and Cari Lynford. They needed 2622 signatures. It's not clear how many valids were given in. The issue was the resignation of a principal, school start times changes, a proficiency-based education model and transparency issues.

Massacusetts: Barnstable County Commissioner facing calls for removal following criticism of Parkland students, but no recall provision

Barnstable has been debating adopting a recall law following comments by County Commissioner Ronald Beaty Jr. (R) over fights over a parking space, a proposal to kill great white sharks and criticize of the "#MeToo movement." Now, Beaty has heavily criticized Parkland School Shooting survivor David Hogg, leading to further push for his removal. Beaty is also a candidate for state Representative. Quite a bit more detail here, including that Beaty spent a year in jail for threatening to kill President George H.W. Bush.

Texas: West University Place Councilwoman facing petitions over disorderly conduct charge for yelling at girl in pro-Trump t-shirt

Petitions are being collected against Councilwoman Kellye Burke after she was charged with a misdemeanor for yelling at a middle school girl wearing a "trump Make America Great Again" T-shirt.  Petitioners need 1656 signatures (15%) to get on the ballot.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Maine: Waterville Mayor and Councillor facing recall efforts

Mayor Nick Isgro (R) and newly appointed Councilor John O'Donnell (D) are both facing recall efforts. O'Donnell is a former council member who was appointed to fill a vacancy. One of the other candidates, Libertarian Jay Coelho, is pushing for the recall. Isgro has faced the recall over a tweet criticizing survivors of the Parkland School shooting. Petitioners need 91 signatures by May 2.

Nevada: Recall attempts against two Democratic State Senators fail

The recall attempt against Senators Joyce Woodhouse and Nicole Cannizzaro (D) both failed to get enough signatures. The district court counted the controversial requests to remove names. The article says that Democrats feel that even without the removals, the recall would have failed to get to the ballot.

Petitioners need 14216 and 14412 signatures.

Massachusetts: Supreme Judicial Court throws out Townsend recall

The Supreme Judicial Court upheld an appellate court ruling tossing out the recall of Selectman Cindy King because it din't set a proper cause of action. The ruling is only 1 paragraph long.

Maine: Minot School Board Member cannot face recall vote

Board member Mike Downing, who was fired as a bus drier for allegedly making racist and sexist comments, cannot be recalled. Downing's law allows it for munipial officers, but not school board members, according to the Superintendent.

Texas: Plano Councilman recall vote scheduled for November Election Day

Councilman Tom Harrison's recall has been scheduled for November 6. 4400 signatures were gathered, 2800 were needed. Harrison is facing the recall for a Facebook post against teaching Islam in the school.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Maine: Waterville Mayor facing recall threat over tweet about Parkland shooting

Mayor Nick Isgro (R) is facing calls for resignation and discussion of a recall following a tweet against Parkland student David Hogg.

Oregon: Oakridge Mayor facing recall effort

Mayor Jim Coey is facing a recall threat over his push against the city administrator, who had his contract approved by a 4-3 vote. One of the leaders of the recall effort is a member of the planning commission. 

Petitioners need 178 signatures in 90 days. Coey's term ends at the end of the year.

Louisiana: Opelousas Mayor subpoenas organizers of recall effort

Mayor Reggie Tatum, who is facing charges of theft forgery and malfeasance for $13,000 overtime payment and forged time sheets, is trying to subpoena the grand jury information of his indictment as well as the recall petition that had previously failed to get enough signatures.

California: Calaveras School District recall fails to submit signatures

No signatures were handed in against Sherri Reusche and Dennis Dunnigan. Petitioners needed 833.

Arizona: South Tucson Mayor who was recalled in 2015 and then elected again facing investigation

Mayor Paul Diaz, who was kicked out in a 2015 recall election and then went on to recapture his seat in 2018 recall, is facing an investigation into home mortgage payment.

Massachusetts: Supreme Judicial Court hears arguments in Townsend recall

Here -- this is another case turning on whether a recall law is a political one or a malfeasance standard one that requires a showing of cause before getting on the ballot.

Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians Tribal Council Chairman survives recall vote

Chairman Thurlow "Sam" McClellan survived his recall vote 229-249, The recall took place at the same time as a primary election for three other seats. The issue was claims of misuse of tribal funds in the purchase of an airline ticket (he claims it was paid back within four days as was simply so his wife could accompany him on a trip to DC). McClellan claims the recall was over his opposition to a proposed hotel and casino.

Michigan: Kinderhook Township Clerk resigns instead of facing recall vote

Township Clerk Cynthia Carpenter quit rather than face a May 8th recall vote over claims that she refused to share information with the treasurer, violating FOIA, replacing Deputy Clerks without notifying the board, and issues about mileage reimbursement. Her replacement is expected to be Ginger Kesler, who filed to run against Carpenter.

Maine: York School Board member survives recall vote

School Board Member Dick Bachelder easily survived the special election vote. 315-744. The recall was over the firing of the football and basketball coach. Turnout was about 10% of total voters.

Oregon: Special Election recall of Ashland Parks & Recreation Commissioners cost nearly $25K

The March recall of Ashland Parks & Recreations Commissioners Rick Landt, Mike Gardiner and Jim Lewis, who all overwhelmingly survived the vote, cost $24,581.76, according to the Jackson County Elections.